What Matters To You?

Social media is a utopia where people highlight successes and downplay disappointments.  It can be easy to self-doubt yourself or think that the grass is greener on the other side. Truth is, it may be, but is that really your concern or what truly matters to you?  For some people raising emotionally stable kids, enjoying nature, eating healthy or freedom to think creatively may bring them the greatest joy.  For others, having a lucrative career, a mini-mansion and trips around the globe will suffice; still others may value academia, independent thinking and so forth. 

What matters to you is a question that only you can answer.  The answer can’t be found in your neighbor’s house or on your friend’s social media post.  Think about this- what would you like people to remember the most about you? In other words, what would you like your obituary to read?   Is it the way you made people feel, an act of kindness, your generous smile or laugh, your sense of calmness, determination or grit?

Each of us has our own story, the thing that makes us unique. In search of what matters to you try tapping into WHY you are you and see how what matters takes center stage.  I invite you to explore your inner most thoughts and versions of you that bring you joy, comfort and ease.  Visit discomfort and pain along the way, but keep moving to find that center space some might call balance and before you know it what matters to you matters. 

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